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Oklahoma Tornado Report

Courtesy of the Texas Equine Veterinary Association

 Oklahoma Tornado Report

We have had several TEVA members reach out and want to know what they can do to assist in providing aid to the tornado victims in Oklahoma. 

We have received reports from two of our Oklahoma members that at this time, they do not see a need for immediate help. They are still trying to assess the situation and will report back with ways we can help as soon as possible. 

Reports are that a race horse training facility was completely demolished with little left to be rescued. At this time we ask that you pray for Oklahoma and those effected by the tornadoes both in Moore and in Shawnee. 

We have also reached out to the Veterinary Emergency Response Team at Texas A&M University and will keep you updated on any ways that we can assist them. 

Please watch our FACEBOOK page for up-to-the-minute updates.

If you have information on any veterinary needs, please contact Sara Green at 806-673-1987 or office.teva@gmail.com

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